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Who We Are


Our Mission

Jackalope Productions was created to give experienced product professionals options beyond a +50-hour work week

People shouldn't have to choose between the love of their craft and living a best life.  We create opportunities where the best in product and tech can do legendary work for our clients AND focus on what matters most to them.  Our decades of big tech experience and have served hundreds of thousands of happy customers.  Let our experience be your unfair advantage in the marketplace.  


Our ability to quickly identify problems and creative solutions is what makes us unique.  Whether it's breaking ground on a new concept or find solutions to insurmountable problems, we've got what it takes to help our clients get out of the box.


Create legendary products, solve hard problems, earn great money, have fun AND get what you want out of life.  Stop trading off your best life for the stress and hours of that big tech job.  You can have cake and eat it too!   


We take a fun and creative approach to building great products. We believe that if you love what you do, it's not work. Our decades of collective experience enable us to tackle any project with ease, while still having a great time doing it!

Our values

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