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Who We Are


Our Mission

Jackalope Productions was established to provide seasoned product professionals a reprieve from the demanding +50-hour work weeks. We champion genuine work-life balance, all while delivering exceptional results for our clients.

People shouldn't have to choose between a passion for their craft and living their best life. At Jackalope Productions, we provide a unique opportunity that's rare to find elsewhere. We consistently deliver top-notch results for our clients while championing genuine work-life balance. With decades of big tech experience under our belt and a track record of delighting millions of customers, we stand ready to make a difference for you.


Our distinctive strength lies in swiftly pinpointing challenges and devising innovative solutions. Whether pioneering a fresh concept or tackling seemingly insurmountable issues, we possess the expertise to guide our clients beyond conventional boundaries.


Create legendary products, solve hard problems, earn great money, have fun AND get what you want out of life.  Stop trading off your best life for the stress and hours of that big tech job.  You can have cake and eat it too!   


We infuse fun and creativity into every product we craft. Operating on the principle that passion transforms work into play, our decades of shared expertise allow us to address any project with proficiency and enthusiasm.

Our values

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